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tv   New Day  CNN  August 1, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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strokes. we'll break down what is true and what isn't true. there seems to be issant true. >> we are going to take you to florida. another unarmed man shot this time by police. 15 times. police say he failed to comply but with what? big questions. we have seen the airline ads and probably trying to get some of the $69 to fly across the country kind of fares. are they too good to be true? now one airline may have to pay a hefty fine. we are going to tell you what you need to know to get your deal. >> that is how they get you. first this morning all eyes on a cleveland courtroom where ariel castro will receive the sentence for holding three women captive for a decade. castro is expected to speak at length and one of his victims
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may speak, as well. this as we get shocking details of the lives of captivity from their own diaries. >> reporter: according to sources i spoke with, michele knight, one of castro's victims is expected to be making an impact statement today in court. of course, that can change between now and then. meantime, hours before castro is sentenced we are learning disturbing new details from prosecutors of how the women were kept in a sustained state of fear during the last ten years. prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum detailing how castro kept the women and the mental and sexual abuse they endured daily. he let the three women keep a diary that described the abuse and dreams of someday escaping
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and being reunited to family. >> my addiction to pornography has taken a toll on my mind. >> reporter: castro admitted to having the girls chained by the ankles while he sexual assaulted them. he said he had other victims and some made it home and others did not. in a plea deal that took the death penalty off the table castro pleaded guilty to kidnap, rape and murder. >> i may have been through hell and back but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> reporter: sources say knight will likely make an impact statement in court. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> sometimes the sentencing process is a form of catharsis
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for the victim of the crime. >> reporter: prosecutors say castro will apologize to his victims. michele knight thanking the cleveland police department with this note saying just when the caterpillar thought the world was over she became a butterfly in that note she says life is tough but i am tougher. a sentencing begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern time expected to be a dramatic day. we will see physical evidence, evidence taken from castro's home. we will see photos and investigators will be taking us inside castro's home showing us what happened inside every room of his home. it is a delicate balance according to sources i have spoken with. they are trying to find the balance to make sure the sentence is locked in but also to protect the women. >> they did have a little negotiation between the parties. thank you for the reporting and
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of course you are going to want to see this so stay with cnn for live coverage of castro's sentencing beginning 9:00 a.m. eastern. nsa's top secret surveillance programs under fire. president obama and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are going to hold a closed door meeting at the white house to discuss privacy as another edward snowden bomb shell is dropped detailing how much the intelligence agency is spying or could be spying on your internet activities. barbara starr with more on this. new revelations. how is the administration responding to it this time? >> this meeting at the white house may be a sign that the administration is willing to change the program but is not going to give up on it. the obama administration under attack for its surveillance programs. national security agency director keith alexander heckled. >> i haven't lied to congress.
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>> reporter: while congress questions is the nsa spying on us. who is accountable for edward snowden's leaks? >> anyone asked to resign or offered to resign? >> no one. >> reporter: the administration declassified more documents in an effort to show the surveillance is vital to national security. even as a new article unveiled more material from snowden about a program called x-keyscore proving the nsa can see everything you do electronically by collecting tens of billions of e-mails. >> allows analysts with no oversight prior to their search to enter whatever they want to enter. keywords, e-mail address. they can discover your internet communicati communications. >> i sitting at my desk have
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authority to wire tap anyone. >> reporter: jim lewis says no way. >> the more it sounds like hollywood the less likely it is to be true. the idea that you can sit at your desk and say i want to wire tap that is silly. >> reporter: not surprisingly the nsa says, quote, the impplication that the collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is false. in the latest what we are waiting for, wiki leaks has posted a tweet saying edward snowden later today will make what it calls an important statement about the verdict in the bradley manning case. the nsa insists that there are checks and balances, that no analyst can go through the database and look at whatever they want. >> you know how it is, barbara, when people find out you can
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look online it raises questions. it looks like yankees slugger alex rodriguez is going to be out of baseball but for how long. a-rod is trying to avoid an outright lifetime ban. a-rod is in trouble for alleged involvement with a clinic linked with performance enhancing drugs. joe, what is the latest? >> reporter: it appears commissioner is playing hard ball with alex rodriguez and his representatives. the report indicates they are being forced to negotiate a settlement. a likely negotiation to a settlement would mean alex rodriguez could miss the remainder of this season and all of next season. a suspension means a loss of salary. that is just over $30 million
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which is the most costly in sports history. despite all of the controversy this week he has shown up here in tampa and continued workouts as normal. the team says they will be conducting a simulated game today and will rejoin a minor league team on friday. obviously this would make for an awkward situation if there is no definitive decision on alex rodriguez's situation come friday. >> talk to you soon. scandal won't leave anthony weiner alone. apologizing for a profane rant. tweeting a photo of money and a credit card and a swear jar. one day, another bit of controversy. >> there are so many elements that we can't even share because they are not fit for tv.
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it is a campaign without a manager, with a foul mouth communications director and a mayoral candidate that keeps stealing head lines for the wrong reasons. anthony weiner's spokes woman garnering head lines. barbara morgan is apologizing for a vulgar tirade. she poked fun at the situation with this tweeted picture. not my best day yesterday. should have been better. got to pay up. morgan used offensive language including expletives saying she, quote, sucked at her job. weiner is vowing to stay in the race. calls for him to drop out
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continue. >> people are watching me. they are pressuring me, asking me tough questions and raking me over the kohl's. this is what you have to put up when you are mayor. >> reporter: last week his manager quit. weiner's wife absent from the campaign trail since her news conference asking new york voters to forgive her husband the way she has. a weiner campaign official tells cnn that she is taking an extended vacation this month from her work. the weiner spectacle is getting big play on late night. despite the continued calls for weiner to withdraw from the race
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he technically can't drop out. this is according to the elections board and the city of new york. the date of declinuation has passed. there are technically three ways he could drop out, if he moves out of state, dies or gets convicted of a felony. he can always just stop campaigning if he wishes to. >> i think the saga continues, though. >> definitely so. >> i think the fourth box is the most likely. we will take you to egypt for real political problems. one of the developing stories this morning. >> good morning everyone. egypt's military backed government ordered police to back up supporters of deposed president mohamed morsi. in a televised speech threatened
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national security and would tie up traffic. amnesty international calls the plan a recipe for blood shed. model behavior gets o.j. simpson parole. simpson was convicted in 2008 of kidnapping, robbery, burglary and other charges for trying to seize memorabilia he claims belongs to him. an attorney for a university of pittsburgh research professor accused of killing his wife with a lethal dose of cyanide offers a not guilty plea. he allegedly spiked creatine with cyanide. new overnight an e.
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colithreat. 50,000 pounds of ground beef may be contaminated. this is the company's second recall this summer. that beef was sold to markets, hard sailors and food service distributors around the nation. you know those people who use two parking spots to keep their car from getting scratched up? you know those people. co workers decided to teach the owner of this jag a lesson. they parked a truck right next to his jaguar. he had to climb into a passenger side window. the owner now parks clear on the other side in another corner of the lot. it is always frustrating especially when there is no
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parking left. >> nothing gets motorcycles but you think the spot is open. >> you kind of wish they had motorcycle parking spots more readily available. >> he has to park a bronco. >> i drive a '93 bronco. if a guy is driving that truck don't mess with it. let's get to the weather center. hurricane watch. we seem to be on it every day. >> gil is strengthening. category 1 hurricane. overnight the progress was expected to warm to a category 2 hurricane. now it looks like it is going to stay a category 1. gusts as high as 100 miles per hour. where it goes is always the big question out there. it is kind of interesting because typically you don't want it to strengthen but if it goes north where the cooler waters are that puts it closer to the path of hawaii. in this case we are hoping it
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continues in the way it has moving farther to the south where there are warmer waters but that keeps it south of hawaii in which case they get the good surf. this is the spaghetti plot here. at this point things are looking good for hawaii. much better progress than what we saw yesterday. >> hopefully avoiding a one-two punch. >> thanks. coming up on "new day" george zimmerman gets speeding in texas. and he is armed. and russia's new antigay laws could have a chilling effect on winter olympics. let's play:
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sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. george zimmerman is in another situation with police. this time a routine traffic stop. making it more interesting the stop for speeding happens in texas and he had a gun in the glove box. >> this happened sunday afternoon in texas. really fascinating four-minute exchange with an officer when he learned george zimmerman's name he said what a coincidence. this is all on dash cam video. >> reporter: this pickup truck pulled over for speeding. behind the wheel, george zimmerman. >> nowhere in particular? why you say that? you are stopped for your speed.
3:20 am
>> reporter: zimmerman informs the officer of the concealed weapon in the glove box. >> shut your glove compartment. >> reporter: after the incident zimmerman's brother tweeted about the reason george carries a weapon. our family receives many death threats. we all continue to take our security seriously. >> texas is a gun friendly state. they are very, very warm to the second amendment. and if he is going to continue carrying a gun he has picked a state where he is not likely to get in trouble for mere possession. >> reporter: zimmerman continues to be in the public eye. he made headlines after helping a family of four in an overturned vehicle just days after he was found not guilty. the family involved shying away from the media spot light. >> those who want to believe it was staged can believe that. >> reporter: as for the traffic
3:21 am
stop in texas the officer let zimmerman off easy. >> just a warning. we do not know where zimmerman is now. we also don't know why he was in texas, if he is still there. remember this, though, zimmerman did have a concealed carry permit in florida which was reinstated just after the trial. >> there was a lot of conversation when he was going to get the weapon back and what he was going to do. new jersey governor chris christie and kentucky senator in a fierce war of words. is this a preview of 2016? meet bill, the baby elephant, the new staur traction at the fort worth zoo. we will tell you about her straight ahead. a little big for the pool. time to up size.
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welcome back to "new day." it is thursday, august 1. i'm chris cuomo. no love for gay athletes and fans who might want to stay home from the winter olympics. president obama fighting with the republicans and now to get testy with a member of his own party. we will look at possible tension on the hill. we are going to start with
3:26 am
headlines right now. a pretty intense day expected because it is sentencing day for ariel castro, the ohio man who kept three women prisoner in his home for about a decade is expected to give a long personal statement at a sentencing hearing. will michele knight, she is one of his victims. castro pleated guilty to more than 900 counts including murder and kidnapping in a deal that spared him a possible death sentence. a police chief punished after he shot guns and a few rounds of profanities. posted videos of himself firing different weapons. the town council has suspended him for 30 days without pay. he says for his part he has no regrets. police in virginia going door to door this morning looking for a man who took part
3:27 am
in a violent mob attack monday night. up to 50 teens at a nearby party spill on to this man's front yard. a fight breaks out. you can see several people punching and kicking one young man. that young man was able to walk away without serious injury. a soldier is in critical condition, 11 others are stable following a lightning strike at fort carson in colorado. those soldiers were part of a group of about 350 involved in a training exercise. they were running for cover when the storm hit. in san diego it would appear that women are coming out of the woodwork accusing mayor bob filner of repeated sexual harassment. now his lawyer saying it is all the city's fault saying he never
3:28 am
received sexual harassment training. an update for you on 10-year-old sarah. new video posted to mom's facebook page shows her standing up on tuesday, the first time she has stood in some ten months, another sign of progress for little sarah. she was moved to a different hospital unit which should be her last stop before she heads home. you recall her family fought to get her an adult lung. >> the little steps. >> good for them. we will keep watching that. now, it's time for all the stories you need to know coming out of washington and around the country. the president rude to members of his own party?
3:29 am
that is what some democrats are saying after a meeting on capitol hill yesterday. john king is more on this. the point was to talk strategy ahead of the august recess but the headline coming out had nothing to do with it. it was tension, he is rude and dismissive. what happened to the charm offensive? >> you know you don't have to scratch very deep to get stories of complaints about the white house. the staff doesn't return the calls. we don't get tours. some of it is kind of petty. because there is so much of it there is clearly something there. he goes to the meeting. he wants to talk about you going home for the august recess, plug our views on spending and taxes. he gets asked by a democratic congressman from new york. i'm trying to get an energy loan
3:30 am
and i can't get it through the process. the lawmaker said i should probably ask the staff and the president snapped back you should ask the staff. that is probably a staff question. beneath the surface it is simmering tensions in the president's party. is it a big deal? is it a sign the president hasn't figured out a way to keep his own party happy sometimes. >> talk about a fissure in the republican party. it seems to be continuing. i guess they were attempting a seize fire yesterday. rand paul saying we should get a beer together. chris christie saying i'm too busy campaigning for reelection. >> memo to chris christie. guy offers to buy you a beer say yes. this is personal. we talked a bit about this yesterday. you have these two very outward
3:31 am
personalities, always confident guys. rand paul trying to dial it back. chris christie saying he is trying to get more attention. i propose put them in the '93 bronco and do a cross country drive. this is funny and it is theater but it is about something bigger, the division in the republican party about who should lead them. a lot of democrats are laughing about this. five years ago we had this guy joe biden, barack obama, hillary clinton, they went at it pretty tough and they won the white house. if you handle this right a good feisty debate is good for the party. >> i would love to put the politician in the bronco. they need more than beer. >> they can pay for the gas. >> one of the things the democrats are celebrating is the student loan bill got done. why do they think this is so
3:32 am
good for families? >> because washington did something that matters to middle class families. most days we are talking about washington being incapable of tying shoes. the republicans say they won with their approach to make it market based. the rates are tied to the ten year treasury bill. they actually got something done. people went in the room and kept trying until they figured out a reasonable compromise. now we will see it go into effect. this is another thing. do people say i like this deal or do people say they have problems with the deal? it is one of the things we need to watch. >> this is one of the areas where you saw the division within the republican party. >> what is the chance when it makes rates higher over time. >> at least they have a resolution.
3:33 am
sometimes we need to say let's see how it plays out. as they actually do it we have seen in the past they can go back to the days where they passed the new health care plan they thought was great. they think they have a deal that works. most people in both parties are satisfied with the deal. now we are going to see. the american people will go through this process. parents will start getting the loans. if they don't like it we will hear about it. >> thanks so much. great to see you. >> college is a priority. we make loans more expensive. the olympics are supposed to be about bringing the world together. russia's strict new anti-gay laws could put athletes and fans at risk of arrest. and justin bieber update. he will have to pay the price for leaving his pet monkey behind during a visit to
3:34 am
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welcome back to "new day." russia, host of the 2014 olympics just announced not all may be welcomed to the gampz. gay athletes and fans could be prosecuted. the country has strict laws banning public displays of affection against gay couples and symbols like the rainbow flag. >> at a time when a growing number of developing countries are accepting gay marriage. the language of the law is pretty vague that is why there is great concern it could apply to people who visit here during the olympics.
3:38 am
this is what happens when gay rights supporters protest in russia. lately they have had a lot to protest about. in july russia implemented what has become know as the antigay propaganda law. it bans the public discussion anywhere children might hear it. russia is prepared for the 2014 winter games and there is great concern about what the law will mean for gay athletes and visitors. the politician who drove the law told parliament it outlaws information that gives perception of equality between traditional and nontraditional sexual relations. it has been condemned by human rights groups around the world for promoting discrimination and not meeting standards for an olympic host country. the international committee says this law won't be applied during
3:39 am
the games but not every official supports that. he says all russian laws should be enforced during the olympics regardless of who is breaking them. all of this has fuelled growing international outrage while some gay activists are suggesting a boycott of the olympics there is wide support for wide spread campaigns. russian gay activists are grateful for the support they are receiving from around the world. the goal is to kill off the law before the olympics. if that doesn't work they want to apply maximum pressure on the russian government. let's go around the world right now beginning with what a human rights group calls a recipe for blood shed in cairo.
3:40 am
egypt's military backed police. >> egypt's military backed cabinet authorized the ministry of the interior to use all force necessary to clear supporters from cairo's two main sit in sites. the justification the government says acts of terror around these locations, numerous complaints from terrified residents and the on going blockage of main roads all of which they say constitutes a threat to national security. with the demonstrators determined to stand their ground it is difficult to see how a bloody confrontation can be avoided. now to thailand where crews are desperately trying to clean up an oil spill washing up on the beach of a popular tourist destination. >> reporter: it was the picture
3:41 am
perfect beach, the ideal tourist get away location but today it is the scene of frantic activity by hundreds of military personnel, workers and volunteers trying to clean thousands of gallons of crude oil from the beach from a spill on saturday. it is four days since the oil started washing ashore here and most of it has been cleared. it is going to take weeks if not months to get this beach back to its pristine condition. that is a big blow for thailand. and in germany singer justin bieber is paying the price it appears for leaving his monkey behind. >> reporter: justin bieber's monkey has racked up a hefty bill in germany, close to $8,000 in vac sination, transportation and custom fees. now german officials say pay up or else. they say they tried to contact
3:42 am
bieber's people with the bill but got no response. next time he enters germany he will have to pay the bill on the spot. >> that is the most talked about monkey i think in human history. >> have to read that law on the books. failure to take monkey, banned from country. >> the monkey nonloop hole. >> germans do not mess around. >> i shouldn't have giggled. i may be fined. police shoot an unarmed man in his own drive way and his own car. big questions. tainted salad is believed to be behind the stomach virus. why won't they tell us the company? and a baby elephant making quite a splash at a texas zoo. we have more adorable video of
3:43 am
baby belle. she is a blue belle. look at her.
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we are getting our first look at the new star attraction at the fort worth zoo. we want to introduce you to baby belle. her name is belle.
3:47 am
she was born july 7 weighing 330 pounds. she is an asian elephant calf. they decided to name her bell. her 40-year-old mom was pregnant for 22 months with this bundle of joy. you expected moms who feel like you are in your tenth month remember elephants are pregnant for 22 months. >> test the water slightly and then dives right in. >> one of the reason baby elephants are so oobedient because the mother has the guilt over them, 22 months. >> they bring that out. >> a lot of guilt. coming up on "new day," the man who killed trayvon martin is
3:48 am
apparently still packing heat. we have new video that shows what happened when george zimmerman got pulled over for speeding in texas with a gun in his truck. >> a show down today in a cleveland courtroom, one of the women held captive and tortured by ariel castro will face him down during his sentencing. we will have a preview coming up. ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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but for all these symptoms, you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate. one and done. san diego mayor bob filner, an eighth woman has come forward and accused him of unwanted sexual advances. do they have to specify unwanted? look at this guy's picture.
3:52 am
isn't every sexual advance unwanted from that guy? the san diego mayor accused of sexual harassment is asking the city to cover his legal fees. when they refused he said come get the money it is right down here in my pants pocket. >> awkward. >> you know who is breathing a sigh of relief? anthony weiner? >> that's exactly right. a lot of news for you this morning. one of the stories we are looking at is the pending suspension of a-rod. there are other big stories in sports like the fire storm that erupted after this philadelphia eagles wide receiver was caught using a racial slur. what did cooper say?
3:53 am
>> video surfaced earlier this week of riley cooper at a kenny chesney concert and he uses a racial slur towards a security guard. cooper met with the media yesterday and says he was drinking that night but that was no excuse. >> i'm disgusted and i'm sorry. that is not the type of person i am. i wasn't raised that way. i have a great mom and dad at home. and they're extremely, extremely disappointed in me. >> the eagles fined cooper an undisclosed amount for his actions. the pro bowl as we know it is no more. no longer will it be the best of the afc versus the best of the nfc, instead they will have a draft to determine the two
3:54 am
sides. the game will have plenty of rule changes such as no kickoffs and the possession changes after each quarter. >> what is the point? >> trying to spice it up a little bit. check this out. check it out. fan with the hat makes the nice catch there. luckily for the girl below he makes that catch. she was ducking for cover. it could have been bad. what is your method? hat, glove or beare hand. >> i'm a cradler. it is not a nice time to be in that section when you miss them. >> is there not a high probability of broken or bruised? >> probably having a little liquid courage and the ball is coming and you think you are
3:55 am
going to take the momentum off. >> until the guy next to you. >> you still have to give with the hat a little bit. >> he kind of closed his eyes and did one of these. >> that is not right. >> don't hate, appreciate. >> what i usually do is buy a beer for the people around me to say they will get the ball. >> you need to keep them sober it if you want them to catch the ball. >> i think treating it like incoming. >> thank you andy. he is like i can catch a ball, you cannot. a quick roundup of the stories we are talking about today. >> first up in the papers a big bar tab. the owner of eight tgi fridays in new jersey paying fines for the restaurants serving customers cheap liquor when they asked for top shelf. a pair of dinosaur skeletons
3:56 am
discovered eight years ago. the auction house says they are valued between 7 and $9 million. word actors rob lowe and jones leaving "parks and recreation" they will depart mid way through the upcoming season. i wonder if they will run away together. investors are starting to like facebook again a year after the botched public shares topped the ipo price. student debt is dragging down wealth. a new study finds a household with $53,000 in student loans will eventually lose four times that from retirement savings and home account. buffett auctioning off tours of a candy factory. the current bid $40,000.
3:57 am
>> that's a lot of candy. the story today is going to be rain. if you are in the mid-atlantic look for heaviest rain, scattered thunderstorms down through virginia. behind that more rain again for you today. not as bad as yesterday but we have hot spots atlanta and raleigh looking for heavier rain. severe weather threat anywhere from montana all the way down through nebraska. carry the umbrella, guys. >> cliche because it is true. thank you very much. we are at the top of the hour which means time for the top news. gina's mom has always said that somebody who knew her took her. >> breaking new details from the diaries of the three women kidnapped in cleveland. what they endured and how they
3:58 am
survived. their captor will have to face one of the women today, the day castro is expected to receive a life sentence. run in with the law, george zimmerman stopped for speeding in texas. it is all caught on tape and he was carrying a gun. gunned down. why did police fire 15 times at this man reaching for a cigarette? this morning we get answers. your "new day" starts right now. i haven't lied to congress. >> what you just have to see. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan. >> i'm kate bolduan this hour
3:59 am
new leaks saying national security agency can track everything you do on the internet. "the guardian" with revelations. big, big story out of baseball. is it over for a-rod or can he pull off a last-minute deal to save his career? we have the new report about high level negotiations that could help the yankees slugger avoid a lifetime ban from baseball. don't you get annoyed by high ticket prices for your airline plans. it is great when some of the deals pop up. some of the deals aren't real. airlines are now paying for price for those misleading ads. what does it mean for you? starting off this morning, sentencing day for ariel castro. he pleaded guilty to kidnapping three women and holding them captive for nearly a decade in his cleveland home.
4:00 am
today he is expected to face one of his victims in the courtroom. it come as we learn horrifying details about the women's lives while they were in captivity. >> good morning. according to sources one of the three women will actually be making an impact statement today and she could be facing her captor in court, that is michele knight, she is the one who is likely to testify today. also prosecutors have released presensie presentencing documents and it shows how the women were in a sustained state of fear and how they tried to keep a sense of normalcy through the use of their diaries. prosecutors filed a memorandum wednesday detailing the horrific physical, mental and sexual abuse they endured daily. according to court documents he
4:01 am
let the three women keep a diary during the captivity that described the abuse and dreams of someday escaping. >> my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has taken a toll on my mind. >> reporter: castro also admitted to having the girls chained by the ankles while he sexual assaulted them. he also said he had other victims and some made it home and others did not. in a plea deal castro pleaded guilty to more than 900 counts including kidnapping, rape and murder for terminating michele knight's multiple pregnancies. >> i may have been through hell and back but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> reporter: sources say nitrognitknight will likely make an impact statement in court. >> help me.
4:02 am
i'm amanda berry. >> sometimes the sentencing process is a form of catharsis for the victim of the crime. >> reporter: castro, too, will finally share his side. prosecutors say he will apologize to his victims. michele knight thanking the cleveland police department with this note saying just when the caterpillar thought the world was over she became a butterfly. the sentencing today is expected to start at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. we could see physical evidence, evidence taken from ariel castro's home. we could see photos and investigators are expected to take us through ariel castro's home and show us what happened in each room. i have been told by sources that they have gone to great lengths to make sure today is a tasteful sentencing. we are not going to see the full scope of evidence. they don't want to revictimize these women. ariel castro is expected to
4:03 am
speak at the end of the sentencing. his attorney says that he also could be more remorseful than what we have seen so far. it is going to be a very dramatic proceeding for certain. back to you. >> stay with cnn for live coverage of castro's sentencing beginning at 9:00 eastern. nsa leaker, edward snowden is leaking again. more details on ways the government could be watching you. britain's guardian newspaper says the national security agency can see pretty much everything you do over the intersinte internet and snowden apparently gave them the snoop. a bipartisan group will meet with the president to discuss privacy and transparency. let's go to barbara starr. >> good morning. that meeting at the white house may be a sign that the administration is willing to change some of the program but they are not willing so far to give it up.
4:04 am
the obama administration under attack for its surveillance programs. national security agency director keith alexander heckled. >> i haven't lied to congress. >> reporter: while congress questions is the nsa spying on us? who is accountable for edward snowden's leaks? >> anybody offered or asked to resign because of the failure? >> no one. >> reporter: the administration declassified more documents in an effort to show the surveillance is vital to national security. even as a new article unveiled more material from snowden about a program called x-keyscore. >> allows nsa analysts with no oversight, no supervision prior to their search to enter whatever they want to enter, an
4:05 am
e-mail address, key words. they can then discover your internet communications. >> i sit at my desk have the authorities to wire tap anyone. >> analyst jim lewis says no way. >> the more it sounds like hollywood the less likely it is to be true. the idea to sit in your desk and wire tap jim lewis and peck at the keyboard and hear my phone calls is just silly. >> reporter: not surprisingly the nsa says the implication that collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is false. the latest that we are watching for is wiki leaks posted a tweet earlier this morning. and you see it there saying that edward snowden will have a statement later today on the bradley manning verdict, the other major leaked case. look, the nsa insists they say no analysts can simply go
4:06 am
through databases they have at will and look at anything they want to. but the bottom line, when the lawmakers go to the white house to meet with the president they still want to know why is the government collecting that bulk data, those thousands of records on americans' communications activities. >> we'll have sto see how much e learn from the meetings. what is the deal? what can the government do? how much of it is used on us to store personal information. we are joined by former congress woman jane harmon, currently the director and president of the wood row wilson international center for scholars. we have more leaks, more information coming out. the big question that i think many people have, the article says they can look at e-mails, chats, browsing history with
4:07 am
very little oversight, with very little prior authorization. the administration says that is not the case that this is not wide spread unchecked access. who is right? >> the administration and the leaders of the intelligence committees on a bipartisan basis are right. i was there when these programs were put together. one of them was put together outside of the foreign intelligence surveillance act which was not okay. and congress moved to amend it to make sure it fit within the law. i have seen these programs and you cannot access. edward snowden can't and certainly glen greenwald can't access any information it wants to. when an american is involved there has to be an individualized warrant to get access to your data and that can only be used if a threshold is
4:08 am
met. there is a limited number of people in the system. i would predict that if we have another boston marathon bombing or something bigger than that and it is certainly possible and there is a link to a foreign organization the calls for doing something bigger than this program are going to be loud and wide. this is the time to have more transparency. i'm for that. and to make certain that congress buys into a pretty transparent program but we keep it. >> why didn't general alexander mention keyscore before congress? >> i don't think keyscore is as big a deal. what it is is a search tool that enables an extremely limited number of people to collate information on somebody for come
4:09 am
there is a warrant. it is not a search engine over new data about new people. so i think he -- >> we were led to believe early on that this is about meta data which nobody knows what it means. and then we hear about this program and its own preparation for the user says you can get everything you want on individual use on the internet, e-mails and detailed information. >> i haven't seen the pamphlets and i didn't aware there were pamphlets. that seems a little much unless it is a just a user manual. it is for someone who already is legally authorized. by the way, based on something you had earlier in the program i think mistakes were made in the snowden case. i do think there were people responsible and they should be held responsible. now there is a two man rule meaning two people have to watch each other. that should have been
4:10 am
implemented from the beginning. on this thing this is just an ability to let people lawfully authorize, collate the material that is legally collected on an american or foreigner. it is not accessed to anything about anybody. i think it is limited to legally authorized persons. that is certainly how the program set up. >> there are safety mechanisms and compliance mechanisms to make sure that not every analyst, not everyone can access this information. something clearly happened for edward snowden to be able to get this information and get it out. now, you have to understand the distrust that americans have. >> i do. let me applaud the fact that ron and mark, two members of the senate were responsible about working within the system to get their objections heard. they are going to be at this
4:11 am
meeting in the white house today. this should be a more transparent process. by the way, congress did debate these things. some people may have missed the movie but i was there. we put the program fully 1/3 the foreign intelligence surveillance act in 2008 and that sun sets every three years. people have a right to vote against extending it. there is a discussion about how the program works. i applaud senator feinstein for writing an oped yesterday in which she says all members of congress should have access to a lot of this data and should understand how the program works. why do we have the program? we have the program to foil plots against us. it is very hard to find out about those. the fact that 54 really bad things didn't happen to us or our allies is a news story. >> thank you so much. >> happy to be on this new show.
4:12 am
>> thank you very much. welcome to "new day." one troubling fact is senator leahy disputed the fact that 54 plots have been -- >> it is no question it is good that we are trying to stop plots. it is the balancing test of what you are doing with people who aren't involved with plots. the nsa's training manual says they can get everything a typical user does on the internet through keyscore. it is not just random. it is specific information they can get from people. that's the question. politicians shouldn't be vague about it. >> balance is a possible debate to have and one they need to have. another story we are following here. baseball can soon drop the hammer on alex rodriguez. the espn report is out and it
4:13 am
says the yankees slugger is talking to major league baseball about a long suspension that would keep him from being banned for life. a-rod is under investigation for his alleged participation with a clinic. >> reporter: good morning. this report is basically indicating that commissioner is playing hard ball with alex rodriguez and his attorney. obviously earlier in the week alex rodriguez's attorney said they would fight any suspension no matter the severity. a likely settlement would mean that alex rodriguez be suspended for the rest of the season and all of next season and return in 2015. that suspension would mean alex rodriguez would lose a salary just under $35 million. that would be the most costly suspension in sports history. later today alex rodriguez is
4:14 am
expected to show up to the yankees training facility. the team says he will participate in what they are calling a simulated game. the general manager says he will join a minor league team on friday. no word yet what team or what city. obviously the timeline is pending on whether or not major league baseball comes down with their announcement and that decision is expected sometime, anytime today or today. >> thanks so much. keep us updated. another store aempt health officials in two states blame a salad mix for an outbreak but they are not saying what the brand is that you should watch out for. dr. sanjay gupta is here to explain. they haven't released the brand. what is the reasoning behind that? that is the first question that everyone wants to know? >> i think it is already affecting the way people are looking at salad. i'll say a couple of things.
4:15 am
this hasn't been handled well. this has been going on since mid june. it has been over a month. it has been six weeks. preface by saying that. part of the issue is they haven't tracked all of the cases yet. only about 80%. they are not sure it is all a particular vendor yet. they are trying to be a little careful. 20% they are not sure if they are connected. questionnaires asking people to remember what they ate. the other thing is this is a mixed salad. it is romaine, iceberg, red cabbage and carrots. it could come from different farms and put together in restaurants as well as stores. it is also interesting is there has to be an imminent public health threat and they think the salad is out of the system. >> definitely not satisfying customers. they want to know. >> people are buying salad.
4:16 am
i kept getting e-mails saying i am not going to buy salad. >> you can't fault people for going to the extreme if they don't have the information. remind us and remind viewers how they believe the parasite got into the salad. >> it is prewashed salad. either the irrigation water or the washing process. it wasn't something in the bags. part of the washing process. it was designed to prevent this sort of thing from happening and in this case it back fired. >> seems it is not over yet. >> more people may be getting sick. >> even though salad is likely not on the shelves but the symptoms could be setting in. >> eat your salad still. >> we will keep following it.
4:17 am
always great to have you on "new day." a lot of other stories we are following especially overseas in cairo. >> we continue to keep an eye on egypt. cairo bracing for the possibility of more deadly violence. military backed government ordering police to back supporters of morsi. amnesty international calls the plan a recipe for blood shed. good news, bad new situation for o.j. simpson. he has been granted parole. he will stay behind bars for at least another four years. he was originally sentenced to 33 years behind bars. he will be 72 years old by the time he is released from prison in 2017. the fix is in for student loan rates. the house passing a bill that rolls back rates which doubled
4:18 am
last month. the bill cleared the sen ate lat week. it ties interest rates to the market. there is a cap to make sure they don't go too high. the measure goes to president obama who is expected to sign it. same-sex couples in minnesota tying the knot. now the law in rhode island beginning today. those becoming the 12th and 13th. it does take teamwork to make things happen. look at these two dogs. little beagle can't get the door open. no problem says his friend who actually i think could get a job as a doorman. >> is a doorman. >> inside he goes. he is like i only have three legs. >> he is like come on, man. i have three legs.
4:19 am
you have four legs. >> come on. help me out. off they go. >> where were they going? >> just inside. >> you just want to shut that beagle up. they can be so annoying. >> that is a very good point. someone who is not annoying. >> i want to make that very clear. >> i'm going to take that. i appreciate it. >> we are looking at hurricane gil. it continues to strengthen here. winds at 80 miles per hour. gusts up to 100 miles per hour. it is expected to go up to 90 miles per hour. it is not expected to become a category 2. we will continue to watch the direction it goes. this is key. if it goes north it goes to cooler waters which means it weakens and becomes in the path of hawaii. that is not the path we want. the latest track drops it farther to the south.
4:20 am
the good news once it strengthens it is expected to weaken behind wind sheer. we have more storms in the frat today. mid-atlantic from pennsylvania, new jersey, down. also seeing hot spots pretty much right around omaha. the only place really seeing temperatures above normal back again in texas. the drought conditions remain. they are strengthening. of course, the only spot that continues to see above normal temperatures. no relief in sight for them. >> thank you. coming up on "new day," george zimmerman was pulled over for speeding. wait until you hear what he had in his truck with him. the whole thing on dash cam
4:21 am
video. an unarmed man shot at 15 times by police. weez are going to talk to the sheriff defending the actions of his deputies. to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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less than a month after he was acquitted, george zimmerman is back in the headlines again and he is still packing heat. he was stopped for speeding and told the cop he had a gun in his truck. john berman has more. >> this happened sunday afternoon. there was a four minute exchange with george zimmerman and this officer. when the officer learned george zimmerman's name he said what a
4:25 am
coincidence, this is all on dash cam video. >> florida suv 816 klp. >> this truck pulled over for speeding. behind the wheel, george zimmerman. >> nowhere in particular. why you say that? >> stopping you for your speed. >> reporter: zimmerman informs the officer of the concealed weapon he keeps in the glove box. after the incident zimmerman's brother, robert, tweeted about the reason george carries a weapon. our family receives many death threats. we all continue to take our security seriously and to ensure our safety in accordance with the law. >> texas is a gun friendly state. they are very warm to the second amendment. frankly, if he is going to
4:26 am
continue carrying a gun he picked a state where he is not likely to get in trouble for mere possession. >> reporter: he made headlines after helping a family of four in an overturned vehicle on this road in florida days after he was found not guilty. the family involved shying away from the media spot light. >> those who want to believe it was staged can believe that. >> reporter: as for the traffic stop in texas, the officer let zimmerman off easy. we don't know where zimmerman is now. we also don't know why he was in texas or if he is still there. >> thanks so much, john. coming up next on "new day" police shot an unarmed man in his own drive way in his own car. both sides telling very different stories about what happened and the question demands very serious answers. and you know how you are
4:27 am
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welcome back everybody. this is "new day." it is thursday, august 1. 30 minutes past the hour there. i'm chris cuomo.
4:31 am
>> i'm kate bolduan. >> music. coming up this morning airlines accused of pulling the old bait and switch offering bargain ticket prices. when you try to pick a flight all sold out. what you can do to make sure you don't get ripped off. >> they get the grumpy cat. we have a skate boarding trick this morning that would give tony hawk trouble. that is a second board. that is a flip. >> replay. >> feel it. live it. love it. >> talk about a bait and switch. that is good stuff. >> please don't try that, chris. >> i would try that once. >> he will say i tried it once. he would try it and nail it. >> meaning break both my legs and my neck. a lot of news for you this morning. starting off with ariel castro.
4:32 am
this is the big day in court. >> this is an emotional day in court for many of the people gathering there. ariel castro, the ohio man who kept those three young women prisoner in his home expected to give a long and personal statement during his sentencing today. one of his victims, michele knight is expected to be in that courtroom and to speak today, as well. castro pleaded guilty to more than 900 counts of kidnapping. more information provided by nsa leaker, edward snowden. he claims the nsa can monitor internet browsing through a program called x-keyscore. committee chairman senator says there is little evidence that the nsa's collection of phone records has helped prevent terrorist attacks. another amusement park accident. a woman was injured after
4:33 am
falling from the zipper ride at the state fair. the ride was not moving. according to a fire rescue report the woman fell about eight to ten feet and hit her head. earlier this month a dallas woman died after falling from a roller coaster. an inmate tries to grab a deputy's gun. the veteran officer managed to hold on to her weapon while colleagues attacked the guy. i guess we can add battery of a law enforcement officer in the list. could there be diapers in simon cowell's future? apparently. the mother currently involved in quite a nasty and high profile divorce from one of cowell's best friends. cowell and silverman have been dating for several months.
4:34 am
that makes evening get togethers and cocktail parties kind of uncomfortable. >> awkward. >> to say the least. thank you very much. a florida man says he felt he was on the wrong end of a firing squad. he is trying to figure out why police started shooting when he was in his car unarmed in his own drive way. we will talk in a moment. first nick will bring you up to date. good morning, nick. >> reporter: he is still in the hospital recovering. his family tells us he is expected to be out soon. for now middleton is trying to make sense of what happened. an unarmed man getting out of his own carer shot multiple times by police. >> he was in the car like this. he said that when they told him -- he thought it was our
4:35 am
neighbor playing with them because they do that when they shine the light he said he went to put up his hands and turn around and that's when the bullets started. >> roy middleton came under fire while he stood in his drive way mistaken as a burglary suspect in the we hours of the morning. >> they didn't stop until they ran out of ammunition. >> middleton says he was looking for a cigarette in his car at 2:30 in the morning. deputies responding to a 911 call say it was dark. then they say he lunged at them with a shiny object. sheriff's deputies fired 15 shots and two hit him. he is now recovering in the hospital. >> the hip bone is blown out. i have metal rides to it. >> critics to the shooting don't
4:36 am
buy it. >> i think what the community must understand is that we have a group of deputies that is trying to do their job but it is a little difficult for them to do that job because they are not trained. why would you shoot someone that is not shooting at you? >> whether middleton was complying or the deputies were acting appropriately will be determined in the coming weeks. the sheriff handed the investigation over to the florida department of law enforcement and the state attorney. they will have to determine if any laws were broken. >> sheriff joins us now. thank you for taking the opportunity to deal with the questions. you know how important the situation is. it looks bad. you have a 60-year-old man in his own house and he ends up getting shot 15 times. you say it was justifiable. how? >> again, our officers followed
4:37 am
standard protocol. we are getting monday morning quarterbacking and the comments of neighbors who are getting their information from other neighbors and sometimes getting second and thirdhand information from family members. the officers responded to a 911 call which was a vehicle theft in progress 2:30 in the morning. some of the statements varied and the spontaneous utterances are changing. we had an eyewitness next door who was on the cell phone during the time. he entered his house once the gun shots started. he observed what the deputies did. all of the witness statements match up. right now we are comfortable from a training perspective that our officers did follow standard protocols. i believe the standard we use and train to is a landmark u.s.
4:38 am
supreme court case which is a reasonable test. the officers were illuminated by street lights. when we asked the witness was he aware they were deputies he said yes. >> what could the 60-year-old unarmed man have done to make sh officers feel they needed to shoot with him 15 times. >> he did not comply. the witness statements go as such. when they first directed the individual to exit the car he first stuck one hand, his left hand out the driver's window and then retrieved his hand. it looked as if he was going into the consol area of the car. he opened the door, lunged back again inside the car as the deputies are telling him to step out of the car. when he got out of the car he made a lunging movement out of the car. when he spun around his hands were not up. he raised one hand which had a metallic object in it.
4:39 am
>> even if everything you are saying or that your officers are saying is true, 15 times at a 60-year-old unarmed man? why? >> we didn't know he was unarmed. he had an object in his hand which led officers to believe he had a weapon. when an officer employed deadly voice training tells you to continue to fire because you made the decision that your life or the life of someone else is in danger. that is not out of the ordinary. just less than five days prior tot that people are making comments about the officers training. they just completed a routine thing, our active shooter program which is an interactive program computer driven i you role play and officers are trained to diffuse situations. that was just five days prior to this case. >> doesn't something about this
4:40 am
situation give you pause for concern when your officers wind up shooting at a guy 15 times? it is like the only thing in his favor was that your sheriffs were bad shots. otherwise it seems like it is all he had going for him and you seem completely unmoved by the circumstances. it is very troubling. >> again, chris, we are always -- i described this to a lot of folks as a tragedy. anytime an officer has to deploy the use of deadly force is a tragedy. the number of rounds is not out of the ordinary. i think it is out of the ordinary of those folks not engaged in law enforcement. this is a common occurrence. we live in a very violent society. we have the third highest rate of incarceration out of 67 counties and the eighth highest crime rate. our officers are responding to dangerous situations.
4:41 am
this was 2:30 in the morning. we had a subject who was not compliant. again, i'm not sure how the officers could have reacted differently in this situation. >> i got you. that is a very strong move you handling it over to the state authorities so they can have an independent eye on it. i have to give you one more chance at this. people look at this situation and the report was wrong t. was not a burglary. this is the man's house. he was unarmed. you say that your deputies say he didn't comply. another witness says he did comply. he says he complied. we don't know what happened although it is unreasonable to assume a man would not comply while on his own property doing something wrong. do you understand why it gives people concerns about what happens when police officers encounter black men in your county? >> now we are injecting into the situation which compounds the
4:42 am
situation. the eyewitness you are referring to. he was one of the neighbors. his statement has changed. we got a sworn statement from this individual. the statement that we received from him said from hips vantage point he could hear the officers directing mr. middleton. he confirmed basically all the things our officers said. he wasn't belligerent. we have a variance there. are we concerned? that is a little bit of a ridiculous statement. anytime a citizen is harmed we are concerned. in this case bh you inject race into it it is inflammatory. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to it because it is not me introducing you to what people's concerns are. this is the way it sizes up to people. that is why i appreciate you coming on to explain it from your perspective. >> can i put this somewhat in balance? >> sure. >> here is why we are concerned about this as a community and as
4:43 am
a nation. approximately fou four months a there were approximately four black females who killed a white female. there was no public outcry to this. now that law enforcement is involved in this i am very concerned about this from a race relations perspective as much as anything. it tells me we haven't bridged the gap as much as i thought we had. >> i think it is a great point to make. i appreciate you making it on our show. i appreciate you taking the opportunity. thanks for being with us today. >> yes, sir. coming up next on "new day," fake fares and airlines being forced to pay up for offering ticket prices too good to be true. take a look at this young
4:44 am
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brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day. i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here.
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"new day," let's talk airline price controversy. you have seen the sales for $66. those prices may be too good to be true. the u.s. department of transportation slapped southwest airlines with a $200,000 fine for violating rules on airline advertising. earlier this year southwest offered a one way flight for $66. the dot says they didn't provide any tickets at that price. christine romans is here. we know this is a pretty standard thing. we see lots of companies doing the low fares. >> this was the love affair
4:48 am
sale. it turned into get a big fine from the government sale. basically the dallas route they advertised $66 one way fare. no one got that fare. some other routes maybe 1%. government said that is not enough. southwest said it was an error in the reservation system. the government said they better not happen in the future. if you can go a whole year without basically scamming your customers then you only have to pay $100,000 of that fine. >> you know most people think if you can go one year without scamming your customers we will give you a treat. this isn't just southwest. >> other fines of other airlines for these. in particular other gains have received big fines. american eagle recently fined for leaving people on the run way for too long. that was a real interesting
4:49 am
story there. their big fine was like $200,000. delta fined $750,000. what they did was they were bumping people on oversold flights and selling out the flights. has that ever happened to you? i bought a ticket to fly this flight. >> they give you a voucher at some offbrand hotel. >> $59 is cheap. too good to be true is usually too good to be true. there are not going to be a lot of flights on those things. when tickets are free they are usually you know on some of these tickets you get using your miles you can pay up to $500 to use that. don't miss your flight, that's an important thing. new standard fares everyone is jumping on. you miss your flight, be very,
4:50 am
very careful. i'll tell you the customer relations of some of these airlines. their customer relations are terrible. usairways five to seven days to respond to your request for somebody to talk to you about a fare complaint. >> it is not easy to fly. the friendly skies no more. >> christine romans, people's advocate, human fine print, i love it. >> no one has called me that before. >> it's a compliment. coming up next on "new day" peta posts a video of a dolphin they say jumped out of the tank and on the cement and the latest ing a string of controversies for the park. what sea world is saying about it this morning, straight ahead.
4:51 am
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you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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oh, a bonus today. you get two must-see moments. two. this is so cool. an a guy in iceland pulling off a pretty rad trick. you ride one skateboard and does a perfect backflip. he apparently nailed it on his second try. not too shabby when you consider professional skateboarders have trouble doing this. here is the good thing we want to point out for all the parents at home. where is your helmet? >> fair point. fair point. little bit of ice water on the situation in iceland.
4:55 am
>> hang after a three-pointer. nothing but net. >> probably felt guilty he didn't have a helmet on. >> moms everywhere. >> his mom's seeing it now and she's furious. amazing what humans can do. we're going to break but breaking news for you. the nsa leaker edward snowden has left the airport in moscow. that's the news. the question is, where is he going, who's helping him? we'll find out as soon as we can. see you after the break. ♪
4:56 am
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standing up to evil. one of the cleveland three set to speak at the sentencing of
4:59 am
ariel castro from an hour from now as we get new details from their diaries on how they survived. how far does it go? new revelations on the nsa spying program. can they search anything you do online with just a few key strokes. the new allegations this morning. under fire. another shocking video taken at sea world. this of a dolphin stranded on the concrete. the amusement park now fighting back. we have your response this morning. >> your "new day" continues right now. what you need to know -- >> so kind, compassionate and caring. i couldn't imagine anyone wanting to murder her. what you just have to see. >> brother, are you hungry? have a good day. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela
5:00 am
pereira. >> it is a beautiful thursday 8:00 in the east, i'm kate bolduan. >> breaking news for you this morning. edward snowden has left the moscow airport where he has been holed up now. the question is, what is he able to do? here's what we know so far. the information still coming in. according to his lawyer, he got the documents he needed from the russian government, right? >> got the documents he needed from the russian government, but the big question remains, where is he going to head? hopefully a live report on that coming up. bring you all the latest developing. also, following a possible olive branch between rand paul and chris christie. the two engaged in a pretty fierce war of words recently. now, it's time to kind of kiss and make up. it seems chris christie was not so sure. more on that. pleased to have dan rather joining us live today. we'll speak to him about a plethora of things, including cnn's new documentary about the
5:01 am
nixon administration. a great conversation you don't want to miss. let's get back to this breaking news. i want to go to phil black right now. he is in moscow. phil, you with us. >> chris, i'm here, yes. >> we're hearing the reports of what attorney told people and temporary asylum. what do we know? >> yeah, chris, this is a big development. we just have spoken to the russian lawyer assisting edward snowden with his application for temporary asylum in this country. it is confirmed that edward snowden has received an approval, positive response to that application for temporary asylum and has left the airport now. what this means, it is not just permission to leave the airport, while the asylum application is still pending. he has received full approval to stay in this country with the full rights of the russian citizen for up to one year. his lawyer says he's already left the airport, we don't know where he's going. his lawyer is not devulaging
5:02 am
that detail yet. >> let us know if you find out anything else. the glitch here, he doesn't have his passport. let's get straight to what the u.s. will say about this. the u.s. not happy about this to say the least. barbara star is watching what the obama administration may do next. it's developing right now, barbara, are you getting reaction from the administration yet? >> what we know is the white house is not happy about this. there have already been whispers if this was not resolved the way the obama administration wanted it, which is they get eduard snowden back, obama has a meeting scheduled when he goes to the g-20 summit. a lot in the relationship right now and if snowden is allowed to stay up in russia for up to a year as phil has reported, this
5:03 am
will make it very dicy. the administration not so happy. so many issues on the table if they let snowden stay. the u.s. wants russian cooperation in syria. they want russian cooperation in a number of matters in dealing with north korea and china. with security relationships around the world. putin has said that he doesn't want to see snowden make statements that are anti-u.s. the president does not want to see the russian u.s. relationship hindered by the snowden matter that the u.s./russian relationship is more important than edward snowden. now, what happens? if putin has said that and, indeed, he will allow snowden to stay in russia for up to a year, where does it go from here? the white house will have to scramble and the state department, the pentagon and figure out where they go from here in their relationship with moscow. kate? >> when the news came previously that there was talk that snowden could be getting that document,
5:04 am
that is that flurry of phone calls between the u.s. officials and russian counterparts. of course, they don't want it to happen and they want it back, but the question remains does this, the fact that he has now left the airport and does that change the calculation for the administration. do they have more options available to them than what they have been doing right now which is a pressure campaign? >> i think the pressure campaign will continue at this point. they can't go on the streets of moscow and arrest him against his will and bring him back to washington. that is not going to happen. pressure on moscow and continuing pressure on any other countries. some of the countries that has been talked about that might take him venezuela, ecuador, some of the other countries, cuba. that he might have tried to go to. it looks like that will not happen now. that he will stay in moscow for some period of time. but, you know, you are going to see exactly, i think, what you talked about. this pressure campaign.
5:05 am
the attorney general eric holder, pressuring his law enforcement counterpart in moscow. the secretary of state john kerry. pressuring the russian foreign ministry. behind the scenes for many weeks now. that is what has been going on and that is what you're going to continue to see. even the u.s. intelligence community, the cia pressuring its counterpart saying snowden is not worth it, send him back. let's not harm the u.s./russian relationship. if the russians don't do that then president obama himself has to really sit down and consider what he wants to do and what message he wants to send to moscow now. kate? >> barbara starr at the pentagon following this breaking news. lots more on this coming up. granted temporary asylum in russia for a year. he can't fly, but stay there for up to a year. certainly the answer to barbara's question is apparent.
5:06 am
the russian authorities have made their move and now snowden is in a better position. if they want to bring him to justice. we will go to that story to another one that we're following back here at home. a big day in the ariel castro case. today, less than an hour from now, the sentening hearing begins. the testimony expected to be chilling and dramatic. not only will we hear ariel castro talking about the crimes that shocked the nation, we could also hear one of his victims speak, as well. pamela brown is in cleveland this morning with the story. good morning, pamela. >> good morning, chris. according to sources i spoke with, michelle knight is expected to make an impact statement during the sentencing. michelle knight endured the worst abuse according to court documents and expected to face her captor in court today. of course, she could change her mind but that is the expectation. prosecutors have also released precentancing documents and it
5:07 am
details on how castro kept his victims in a sustained state of fear and how he terrorized them and keep some normalcy through the use of their diaries. prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum wednesday, detailing how ariel castro kidnapped amanda berry, gina dejesus. he let the three women keep a diary during captivity. they described the abuse and dreams of escaping and being reunited with family. >> my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind. >> reporter: castro also admitted to having the girls chained by their ankles with one meal a day, showering infrequently. he also said he had other victims and not some of them made it home, but others have not and a plea deal that took the death penalty off the table. castro pleaded guilty to more
5:08 am
than 900 counts including kidnapping, rape and murder. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> reporter: sources say knight will likely make an impact statement in court face-to-face with her captor for the first time since their dramatic rescue nearly three months ago. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> sometimes it's a form of catharsis for the victim of the crime. >> reporter: castro, too, will finally share his side. his attorney said he could apologize to his victims. michelle knight thanking the cleveland police department with this hand written note saying just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly. we want to take a look here. this is a picture of a house model of ariel castro's house that was just wheeled in. experts at quantico created this and government authorities are
5:09 am
going to be using this house model to show the judge what happened inside every single room in the house to make their case. now, we have learned from authorities that they've gone to great lengths to make this a tasteful sentencing. only presenting necessary evidence. they don't want to further victimize the women, but, still, physical evidence. we're going to see photos and it could get pretty ugly inside. this starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time and from there we'll hear from castro and, as i said earlier, we're expecting to hear from michelle knight and several witnesses, as well, will be testifying. chris? >> pamela, that is going to be something to watch. we know you are all very interested. stay tuned for live coverage of sentencing. 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> clearly, a lot of news developing at this very hour. let's get straight to mu kale frau the latest headlines. fear of more violence in egypt. egypt-backed government has told security forces to end a pair of
5:10 am
cairo-sit-ins being staged by supporters. in a televised statement egypt's cabinet said sit-ins are disruptive and threaten egypt's national security. morsi sporters vow to remain in place. breaking overnight an e. coli threat prompting a big beef recall. based in kansas recalling 50,000 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated. sold to marketers, wholesalers and food distributors and has the establishment number inside. the company's second recall already this summer. he is one of baseball's biggest and highest paid stars, but a-rod could be close to a very long suspension. according to espn, alex rodriguez and major league baseball are negotiating a deal that would avoid a permanent ban but would suspend him for all of this season and next season, too. rodriguez volumes of evidence
5:11 am
linking him to a company that sold performance enhancing drugs. armed and speeding, george zimmerman running into trouble with the law in texas. he was stopped for speeding last weekend near dallas. the police officer didn't know who he was pulling over. zimmerman did alert the officer that he had a gun in the glove compartment which is legal in texas. i know you have been waiting for it in america. dog tv, now to be unleashed. this is not just a channel for just for dog lovers, it is a channel just for our canine friends. it is available through directv it costs $4.99 a month. here's something both canines and their companniers will be happy about, no commercials. just happy dogs. look at that. come on. dog tv. >> happy dogs, make happy owners. >> surfing dogs. >> dogs didn't see three dimension, two it mention. that they can only see 3d.
5:12 am
they couldn't watch tv. >> now you have dog tv. >> we saw video of i think it was a pug that enjoyed watching a movie. i think it was last year or something. so, some politics now. new jersey governor chris christie and kentucky senator rand paul not looking like they're having beers any time soon together. the two republicans going at each other over government spending and government surveillance programs. jim acosta is in washington with more. jim, we hear about kind of the back and forth going on sometimes in private, but this has been pretty public. >> that's right, kate. safe to say, no beer summit on tap just yet. the rand paul, chris christie after calling king of bacon right here on cnn, even offering christie a cold one put christie is giving paul the cold
5:13 am
shoulder. >> i'm running for re-election in fljinage, i don't have time for that at the moment. >> after accusing chris christie of harming national security for hurricane sandy victims. kentucky senator rand paul asked for forgivance a sort of cease-fire between the two outspoken republicans. >> with governor christie it has gotten too personal and we're ready to kiss and make up. >> reporter: but on a new jersey radio program, christie would have none of it. >> i don't know why senator paul is so out of whack about this. at the end of the day, i never called him any names. >> reporter: it all began last week in what could be the first shots fired in the battle for 2016. christie slamming paul for his criticism of government surveillance. >> this strain of lib tearialism that is going through both parties right now and making big
5:14 am
headlines, i think, is a very dangerous thought. but i doubt he would because most washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon so that they could get re-elected. >> reporter: the back and forth continued right on to cnn's "the situation room." >> attacking me isn't helping the party. he's hurting the party. >> reporter: beyond the jab, it is paul's noninterventionalest views on foreign policy setting a stage for the heart and soul of their party. >> this is the anti-war left wing democrats of the 1960s that nominated and destroyed their party for almost 20 years. >> reporter: it doesn't look like a truce will come any time soon. >> had nothing to do with senator paul, but senator paul wanted to make it about senator paul. >> despite the criticism from some in his own party rand paul is one of the most popular figures in the gop right now, even more so than chris christie and at a time when republicans say they don't see a clear leader of the gop.
5:15 am
but, safe to say, kate, no beer summit, too. not even a bromance. it's going to be frosty for a while. >> there you go. even got one more beer reference in. all right, jim, i love it. seriously, a lot of fight for the heart and soul of the republican party. what direction are they going to go and who will be the leading candidate come 2016. >> all good questions. we'll take a break right now. coming up on "new day" a dolphin stranded and not at the beach, at sea world on a slab of concrete. disturbing video and we'll show it to you and figure out what it means. much more on the breaking news out of russia. nsa leaker edward snowden has left the moscow airport where he has been staying now for over a month.
5:16 am
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while visitors were screaming for help trying to get some help for the pilot whale. well, it appears trouble has not new video has surfaced of what appears to be a bloody dolphin stranded on the concrete after jumping out of its enclosure at the sea world at san antonio, texas. live outside of sea world. what are you hearing this morning? >> according to the international president of theme park services which is a consulting firm to, sea world ranks number three in top attractions in the united states. but this is now the second video that we've seen surface in the past week, which paints a not so pretty picture of the park. the video is unsettling. a sea world dolphin laying on
5:20 am
the ground flailing outside its tank. this footage newly released they say the dolphin was bloodied and flailed there unhelped for minutes. it is the latest bomb in peta's fight of captivity of marine animals. but a spokesperson for the theme park said this video is misleading and was shot more than a year ago. the dolphin involved is healthy and doing fine today. our zoo logical staff moved quickly. she was examined by our staff veterinarian and back in the water in less than 30 minutes. the video is just the latest in a rising wave of bad publicity that first hit the theme park last month with the release of the documentary "black fish." >> we need a response for a dead person at sea world. a whale has eaten one of the trainers. >> reporter: then another blow last week. >> the dolphin! he's stuck! >> reporter: with a viral video showing a pilot whale stranded
5:21 am
as disturbed spectators look on. witnesses say the whale floundered helplessly for 30 minutes. sea world says these whales come out on the ledge all the time and the animal was never in danger. attorneys for peta tell cnn we're starting to see more and more people coming forward with videos and complaint like the two we've seen this week. but sea world says these images are inaccurate and the animals in them are unharmed. now, even though sea world says the video was shot more than a year ago, peta said it just received the video and released it immediately. now, when we spoke to the president of the international theme park services he also said he believes with all these videos being released it still will only do minimal damage to sea world. he believes documentaries like black fish will come and go and "black fish" is coming to cnn. cnn has purchased the television rights to the documentary and it will air on our network october
5:22 am
24th. kate, back to you. >> thanks so much for the update. we'll take a break now. when we come back on "new day" following breaking news. edward snowden has granted temporary asylum in russia for up to one year. full rights of a citizen. what does that mean about the united states? one thing is for sure, a huge slap in the face. we'll try to figure out where he's headed next and tell you about it. dan rather is here to join us. we'll talk about a lot, including this latest rapidly developing story out of russia.
5:23 am
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welcome back to "new day" everybody. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan and we're here with news anchor michaela pereira. edward snowden left the moscow airport where he has been holed up and granted political asylum in russia. we'll look at the very serious implications of this coming up. >> he has a whole year to be there. certainly limits the options of this country. who better to talk about it than this man? legendary journalist, dan rather. so much experience and insight into these things. talk about the documentary coming out about richard nixon. that will be great. before we get to dan rather, as much as i want to do it right now, so much news to talk about. >> the five things. >> the five things, please. >> five things you need to know for your new day. number one, in less than 30 minutes the sentencing hearing for ariel castro will begin.
5:27 am
one of the women he imprisoned michelle knight will give an impact statement. said to be very powerful. massive sit-ins from ousted president of mohamed morsi. alex rodriguez negotiating a deal with major league baseball but avoids a life-time ban. today cia chief david petraeus begins in his tenure at the city university of new york. same-sex marriage at number five now legal in minnesota and rhode island. couples have been up all night tying the knot. this is the 12th and 13th states to legalize same-sex marriage. we always update the five things to know. visit all right, back to our breaking news. let's get on the edward snowden story. the nsa leaker has left the moscow airport where he has been stranded for more than a month. let's bring in cnn's phil black
5:28 am
live in moscow. what is the latest, phil? >> yeah, chris. after more than five weeks stranded in that transit zone. edward snowden we are told has walked free and actually crossed the immigration zone and entered russia officially. this is according to the lawyer that has been helping him with his asylum application here and the significance is in the detail. this is not just short-term permission to enter the country while his asylum apalication is being considered. this is official approval for that asylum application stay in russia with all the same rights and freedoms. the freedom to move around and travel if he so desires. his lawyer tells us he left the airport but will not disclose precisely where he is and that is for security reasons. what this means for the russian government, we're yet to know. russia has tried to maintain a very difficult position throughout this refusing to send snowden back and refusing it will upset the united states.
5:29 am
talks have been taking between russia and the united states. taking place at the fbi and russia federal security service. what that means in the context, we should learn very soon. the talks broken down or possibly part of some kind of negotiated compromise. we'll get a sense of that once we get a sense from u.s. administrations. back to you. >> phil, we already know this. thank you for the reporting. they didn't have to do this and they do and edward snowden has rights and limits what they can do in terms of transferring him to another country. >> lots to talk about. the big question now, what does this decision mean for the united states and how is the white house reacting? let's get straight to dan lothian at the white house for the latest. it's happening now, dan. how is the white house reacting this morning? >> this is clearly not what the white house had hoped for. there was pressure by u.s. officials on the russians to have snowden expel back to this country in order to face the
5:30 am
charges against him for the release of those classified documents. no official word yet from the white house have reached out to a couple of administration officials. so, still waiting to hear whether this was part of some negotiationated deal or whether or not the russians, indeed, are going against what the u.s. wants. there's still a lot of outstanding questions here, particularly how will this impact the already fragile relationship between the united states and russia. and will the president still be attending the g-20 summit in st. petersburg in this upcoming september. white house spokesman jay carney has always said the president's intention to attend the submmmi and have a change of venue of the g-20. we'll wait to find out if, in fact, the president knew about this move and how it will impact any future decisions about the united states. the president going to the g-20 summit in december. >> all right, dana, i have a
5:31 am
feeling many updates for you throughout the morning. we'll check back in. joining us now with reaction and sort of deep thoughts on this breaking news, dan rather and anchoring manager, thanks for bringing some breaking news to us. i'm just kidding. >> i'd love to take credit for it. >> what are your thoughts on this, on this nsa leak situation broadly, but especially this latest breaking news. they've threatened for a while that edward snowden is going to try to get out of the airport and try to find even temporary asylum in russia. now it's happened. that's not good for a u.s./russia diplomatic relations. >> sthere wasn't much they coul do about it. but the important thing about this in terms of international relationships is that the united states under the obama administration some time ago said they wanted to reboot relationships with russia, get things better. things have, in fact, gotten worse to the point now but this
5:32 am
setback. that's the overall framework of what's happening. this does not look good for the obama administration. they'll have the arguments of what you expect us to do and in the background of this is what i say a slow deterrieration between the united states and russia at a time when they need the russians. we need their help. afghanistan and affa ruphrfrica number of places. that hasn't worked out. now in terms of today's story, this is a victory for snowden and his attorneys and give him more leeway to where he can spend his time. he doesn't need to be thinking. am i going to venezuela or blivia. he may go to one at some point, but he doesn't have to do it now. so much attention on snowden and what happens to him that we can lose sight of the big issue and that is the issue of government spying, what privacy, what the
5:33 am
government is able to learn about us. another leak by snowden by the guardian newspaper. another review. if the government chooses to, they can find out secretly what you have done at any time on the internet for your whole life. like to see the country have a debate about that rather than snowden's future. >> you have your finger on the right part of both of these issues. we just got an e-mail out from wikileaks saying we would like to thank the russian people and all those others who have helped to protect mr. snowden. we have won the battle and now the war. it's like a double slap in the face to the united states and, at the same time now, we'll highlight this other issue that you bring up about the debate going on in the country right now about what is done and what isn't. the question for you, dan, it is having a little bit of a chilling effect on us as reporters because every time someone has come up they are treated as a whistleblower and as a felon and what do you think
5:34 am
it will do for the ability for us to get information for people in government? >> such an important point and how you stand on this issue, this will cool sources for the press. as you believe and i do and a lot of americans do, that are truly independent, fiercely independent press and fiercely independent as necessary is the red beating heart of democracy. part of the system of checks and balances. part of that for those of us in the press, people who see things happening and say, i can't have my name attached to it, but, we need to get this out. they're going to read what's happening these days and say there's no way i'm talking to chris or dan or anybody else in the press. i just can't afford it. and it almost freezes sources that the public needs. so often we put it in journalism terms. this isn't an issue for journalists. it is an issue for journalists but a wider for the country to
5:35 am
hold. the obama administration has gone after more watchdogs, leakers than any previous administration by far. and that raises a serious question. it's a tough case for us to make because i think many people in the public have the idea that snowden of the world are not traitors. but i would suggest that is an argument to make but there are these bigger issues. >> one thing a lot of us have done is try to imagine how this could possibly play out. i'm sure you've done it. what are some of the scenarios you see? >> it's very difficult to see how it will play out but eventually it may be now that under pressure and not every good situation that worked out with snowden and his attorneys where he could come back to this country. i think that's way down the road. i'm not predicting it would happen. the most likely way it plays out is he stays in russia and perhaps he's able to stay in russia for an indefinite period,
5:36 am
not just a year. now he has the option of staying there, where previously it looked like he was going to have to go some place else and now he has the option of staying. >> can we get you to stay with us? >> sure. >> we'll take a quick break and come back with dan rather and talk about the news of the day and cnn's new documentary about the nixon administration. in fact, you know what, what do you think? can i blow off the break and just keep talking to dan? >> yes. >> why leave when this is so good. so important what we're talking about. >> we have to pay the rent. >> they tell us that all the time. >> we can go without this commercial. let's pick up right on this. what do you want to ask? >> let's first get to some of the other news that we have to get to if we're going to blow off the break. we're going to fight about this more than we're going to talk about the news. more this morning we're learning about in pittsburgh. we want to give you an update. the pittsburgh professor accused of poisoning his wife with
5:37 am
scionide. robert furrante pleaded not guilty to killing his wife but prosecutors say mounting evidence against him. very interesting and troubling story. poppy harlow is live in pittsburgh with the latest. good morning, poppy. >> a suspected murder mystery that rocked this town. a star husband and wife doctor that after three-month investigation police now allege that the husband dr. robert furrante poisoned his wife and killed her with a lethal dose of cyanide. this morning he is sitting in the jail behind me facing criminal homicide charges, charges he vehemently denies. this morning new details in the suspected murder mystery. for the first time we're hearing how dr. robert furrante prepared his wife's creatine regimen to get pregnant. he prepared five grams of
5:38 am
creatine for his wife to take in the morning and evening by mixing it into a sugary drink or putting it on her toast. >> she was so kind, compassionate and caring and it was just a good soul. >> reporter: debbie remembers her 41-year-old doctor, the head of women's neurology at the university of pittsburgh medical center. >> i couldn't imagine anyone wanting to murder her. >> reporter: in their criminal complaint they say her husband murdered her. with a lethal dose of cyanide. the two had a 6-year-old daughter together. what did she say about her daughter? >> the love of her life. >> reporter: one of the theories the prosecution will work off of is that the cyanide was mix would the creatine klein took. a source close to the investigation says when furrante was questioned by police about his wife's death his demeanor was independent. >> maintains innocence and
5:39 am
denies he had anything to do with her death. a strong circumstantial case and, in my opinion, it's not. >> why do you think it's not? >> reporter: klein's parents were in court this week when furrante pleaded not guilty to criminal homicide. >> are you surprised? >> absolutely. i think stunned is too little a word for how we feel about this. and the thing i think that bothers most of us is what is the motivation? >> reporter: a possible motive police allege in the affidavit furrante thought klein may be having an affair. and the d.a.'s office here tells me they have not yet decided whether or not they are going to seek the death penalty in this case. it is the case that everyone in pittsburgh is talking about. chris, kate? >> all right, poppy, thanks very much. let's get clarification on this. let's bring in danny cervales. let's start with the prosecution. means, motive, opportunity? that's the equation, right?
5:40 am
how do you think they fill in the blanks here? >> well, that's exactly what they have to do. this is always a fascinating, one of the circumstantial cases where man buys cyanide, woman dies of cyanide and they're going to ask that jury to connect those dots. the problem the prosecution has here is that they're dealing with sophisticated defense. experts and a defendant who know a lot about science. they're going to attack, you better believe they're going to attack the proof of cyanide poisoning. generate their own tests to prove there could have been false positives. one thing that jumps out right away, cyanide poisoning causes death immediately. she clung to life for two days, it seems. the main thing is going to be explain away the purchase of cyanide because if he did buy it with a university credit card, that is what we would call galactically stupid. if, on the other hand, they can attack the cyanide on the back hand, they want to show it was a false positive or it could have
5:41 am
come from some other source. >> he's not stupid, he's so smart it was obviously intended for something else. two issues for you to deal with and how they'll deal in the case. text messages talking about trying to get pregnant and the use of creatine which doesn't make sense and how quickly the body was cremated. what do those two things mean? >> let's go to cremation. the medical examiner has to sign off before they cremate the body and before that they would have gotten all the flu wouids. did he try to cremate the body knowing the m.a. already had everything they needed. or do we say to the m.e.'s you signed off the body, it is on you. one way of attacking that issue right there. but the cremation is going to be a big motive issue. >> and then also they'll deal with the texts whether they make sense or not whether that is where the cyanide came in. there's always a motive.
5:42 am
always the easiest thing for the prosecution to come up with. we'll see you soon, thank you, danny. a lot going on. coming up next on "new day" dan rather still with us. the new documentary about the nixon administration. i would say dan has some insights into that time in american history. >> stay with us. back after the break. ♪
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everyone. a new glimpse into the world of the nixon administration right here on cnn. in a new documentary called "our nixon" featuring footage taken by top nixon aides while working at the white house. a fascinating moment when nixon and his staff talk about the tv show "all in the family." >> what's it called? >> archie is the guy's name. >> now that's real family entertainment, isn't it? >> back with us now to talk about this, journalist dan rather who covered the nixon administration extensively and needs no introduction. that's one snippet of many of the nixon tapes and much of this documentary. but, what do you make of the documentary and how it's reflective of your time covering that administration? >> it's a reminder of what was and what wasn't during that period.
5:47 am
what was you had richard nixon who came to his presidency as well prepared as anyone in history with the possible exception of george washington and the tragedy that his administration became. i think what's important for the viewer, particularly those who were not born or were not of memory age at that time is the context in which these clips were taken. there is no joy in saying this, there never has been. but this administration under president nixon, the president himself ran a widespread criminal conspiracy that resulted in more than 40 people i think serving hard time. and the president himself was forced to resign as an "unindicted co-conspirator." that's the context in which you need to view this. that two of the stars, if you will, of the documentary were part of what someone was called
5:48 am
at the time the nixon palace guard. they implemented it. when you see the movie, ordinary people and they had hopes for the country and hope for the people and all that's true. but in the end they helped run an administration which by any reasonable analysis is the worst in the history of the country, including criminal conspiracy. here you had it's not in the documentary but we now know president nixon talked with some aides of his about possibly murdering reporter jack anderson because they didn't like his reporting. >> also a reminder of what he used to be like to cover the white house. today a fascination with everybody is afraid to offend the white house because then you won't be on the press release list. but in the day of this, especially with your reporting, you spoke truth to power and even if they came after it for you, it was your job. >> it wasn't our job, but a strange time to say the least because the president himself
5:49 am
would say terrible things about reporters in private, including myself who now know tape recording. but, we were, we didn't come to president nixon with any preconceived notions. he thought we did. we wanted to find out what was going on and for a long time what we now call watergate these widespread criminal acts that are going on, i didn't want to believe they were true. not a case that we were out to get them, but they never believed it. >> given that, given that you had a front row seat to that time in american history, how does that make you look at today's world of politics. chris referenced some of the scandals that are ongoing now. how do you look at things now and reflect on that time? >> i do think about it when a very good documentary comes forward and it takes me back to that time that many of the things we call scandals and perhaps we should sexual pibe i
5:50 am
but they pale in comparison to those times in our history when we had constitutional crisis. we had it during the nixon administration the president running this widespread criminal conspiracy and can you imagine that happening? or such things being around contra and ronald reagan's presidency. so, these things that involve constitutional crisis are much, much bigger than the things that you read about people's private life. i'm not saying that isn't important but pales by comparison and let us pray when we never have another time. and i want to emphasize this, it still sticks in my throat a little bit. >> no joy in covering that period of time. >> but we have to face what it is. at the time when i was the white house correspondent, you know, for a long time i didn't want to believe it and because i didn't want to believe it, i didn't believe it. finally, the facts begin to show up and when you read things that
5:51 am
president nixon said, what were we doing? i tell you what we were doing. he was asking questions we didn't want to answer and couldn't answer. so, classic case of try to kill the messenger. >> and the obligation, of course, was pushing the people's agenda and that's what you did first and foremost. >> dan, great to see you. thanks for coming in. what delight. >> i appreciate it very much. >> very much looking forward to this documentary. >> i feel like a better broadcaster just because of proximity. >> this set got a lot more classy. >> talking about the cnn documentary "our nixon." you can watch it tonight only, of course, on cnn. we'll take a break. our thanks to dan, again. we'll be right back. ♪ [ girl ] there are man-eating sharks in every ocean... but we still swim.
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what better way to follow dan rather a good guest with some good stuff. today's edition jerry lives in florida, saves a small fortune with extreme couponing. what makes him, what makes that good stuff? it's what he does with his hobby that counts. take a look. >> the crackers are on sale right now 3 for 7. so, if you do one cracker, it's $2.33. this is a manufacturer coupon that is printable. if you see here, $2.78 save and you have that item for 2.33. that is a money maker. when the coupon exceeds the price. the store will give you back money. bottles of water buy two get one free. the water pays for itself so, it's free. limit you ten per item of anything. if they do that, i buy ten there and go to the next publix.
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that's it for us. thanks for watching "new day." it's time for "cnn newsroom" with carol costello. >> lots to talk about this morning. i will bid you ado. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we want to welcome our viewers around the world. we begin this hour with breaking news out of moscow. edward snowden has left the airport. that is according to the nsa leakers russian lawyer. he tells cnn that snowden's application for political asylum has been approved and he can legally stay in russia for one year. so, let's head to moscow now to find out the latest. cnn's phil black is there. phil, tell us more. >> carol, as you say, he's left the airport now for the first time in more than five weeks. he's crossed through the migration zone and officially entere